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Talladega High School is an Alabama public high school that serves grades nine through twelve. The school's enrollment over the past four years has averaged 640 students; however this year's enrollment began with about 570 students. Talladega High School is the only high school associated with the Talladega City Board of Education. While Talladega High School primarily serves students within the city limits of Talladega, some students from within Talladega County are enrolled due to our district open enrollment policy. Our school is located approximately 50 miles east of Birmingham, Alabama in the southeastern area in a city of approximately 16,500 residents.

Over the last four years the school has undergone several changes. In school year 2009-2010, the school moved from a traditional seven period day schedule to a block schedule. The school now offers the ability to earn eight credits per year instead of only seven credits per year under the former traditional scheduling method. During this same time period, the school has implemented an on campus dual credit program that offers students college credit and credit for their junior and senior core classes simultaneously. The dual credit program is implemented through collaboration with Central Alabama Community College and Talladega College. In that same school year, our school also added an honors program and diploma endorsement to boost academic performance. During this current school year 2014-2015, Talladega High School's named a new principal who was an alumnus. However, the assistant Principal was named interim principal for the first couple of months of school. The Career Tech Center, located on the campus of Talladega High School and staffed by teacher units earned through the state foundation program, made some transitions to its program offerings. Due to teacher retirement and student interest, the computer technology and carpentry program were converted to cosmetology, plant systems and agri-construction programs.

Talladega High School serves students from primarily two ethnic backgrounds- African-American and Caucasian. In school year 2011-2012, there were 209 African-American females, 183 African-American males, 1 multi-race female, 118 Caucasian females and 128 Caucasian males. Currently, there are less than ten students that describe themselves using other ethnic groups. The staff at Talladega High School consists of teachers, administrators and staff from primarily two ethnic backgrounds- African-American and Caucasian. Of the 66 staff members at Talladega High School, 25 are African-American and 41 are Caucasian. The racial makeup of the city is approximately 48% African American, 47% Caucasian, 3% Hispanic, 0.2% Native American, 0.5% Asian, 0.01% Pacific Islander, and 0.2% from other ethnic groups or two or more races.

Talladega High School staff is comprised of 66 staff members. The school employs three school administrators, three guidance counselors, four secretarial staff members, 44 teachers, one librarian, seven instructional aides, one nurse, five child nutrition workers, and four custodians. Twenty of the teachers are dedicated to core subject areas; fourteen are career tech teachers, four are dedicated to physical education and drivers' education, four are resource teachers, one is a foreign language teacher, and one manages the alternative program. The unique feature of our school is its architectural design. Completed in 1973, it was a state of the art facility built on an open classroom concept. The building is circular and contains, within the center of the circle, an arena used for physical education classes and indoor sporting events. Each core area has a departmental commons in which all teachers assigned to that department are located. There are six classrooms and six offices in each core area departmental commons. The school also has a main office commons, a JROTC commons, a media center commons, and an alternative education program commons.